Interpreting services for your business


Interpreting refers to the translation of the spoken word from the source (original) language into the desired target language.


We provide interpreting services for:

  • Conferences

We provide conference interpreters for your event, supplying the conferencing equipment and translating your multilingual documentation.

  • Presentations

We ensure your presentations are conveyed to your audience as intended – either by using the whispering technique or by using mobile tour guide systems.

  • Factory tours and inspections

We provide language support teams, including secretarial services for peer reviews, factory inspections, and training sessions.

  • Negotiations

Place your negotiations with your foreign business associates on the path to success – with a professional interpreter at your side.

  • Telephone calls
Use a teleconference interpreter to talk to your foreign business contacts in your own language.
Ad-hoc telephone conferences can be set up at short notice. Working with leading telco service providers, we will record the session as a digital file or provide you with a written transcript or translation of your call.
  • Video conferences
Video conferences cut traveling costs and time away from the office.
In market research, simultaneous interpreting gives you a virtual backroom experience of in-depth interviews and focus groups.
  • On-site training sessions with your clients

We provide qualified technical interpreters to support your non-native trainers on-site.

  • Legal
We provide qualified legal interpreters for your negotiations with foreign business partners.

  • Market research

In market research, simultaneous interpreting gives you live access to in-depth interviews or focus groups either in the field, at central facilities, at car clinics, or via telephone or video conference.

Interpretation is audio recorded and will be uploaded for you to a secure server at the end of the interview. Interviews can be transcribed for further analysis.



In addition, we translate your discussion guides for consumer, business, and medical research and, working closely with you or your agency, adapt your detail aids and other written material for your target audience.


We are pharmacovigilance trained and certified for medical market research projects and have extensive experience in health care projects.

Finding the technicalities of interpreting confusing? Please click here to access our easy-to-understand glossary when requesting a quotation - or phone us and we'll be happy to assist you.

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