Supporting your market research projects


We have extensive experience in supporting qualitative market research projects covering healthcare, IT/B2B, and consumer experience. Our background in market research enables us to fully appreciate the pressures faced by research agencies and consultancies.


We are pleased to offer special services for market research and fieldwork agencies:

  • We translate your concepts and adapt them to your target audience (localization)
  • We translate your discussion guides and advise on appropriateness
  • We simtrans your focus groups or IDIs, whether live at central facilities, live via video conference, or from an audio file
  • We post-interpret your recorded focus groups or IDIs and can add a sound track to your video material
  • We transcribe and provide a written translation of your group discussions or personal interview audio files
  • We provide content analyses
  • We translate your top lines or final client report

In-home and ethnographic

Melting discreetly into the background whilst you engage with consumers in their own homes, we offer simultaneous interpreting for in-home and ethnographic consumer research in a variety of private and sensitive settings.


Car clinics

We will be pleased to set up multilingual interpreter teams for your car clinic in Hamburg, Mannheim, and other cities.


Creative workshops

We simtrans your workshops and focus groups, whether online or at a central location.


Benefit from our wide range of topics

  • Medical - from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome to Zoonotic Diseases
  • Consumer - from haircare to dog food to visiting Gen Z consumers in their homes

Remote service interpreting


Focus groups and IDIs with simtrans (simultaneous interpreting) let you experience qualitative research as if you were there.


Video or audio conferencing


We have more than 20 years' experience in telephone conferencing and work with leading online platforms such GoToMeeting, Adobe ConnectForsta, Civicom, WebEx, Zoom, Discuss, and others.

Get a live view of your respondents and chat with moderators whilst the discussion is in progress.


A high-quality audio recording is sent to you at the end of each session.

RSI is available 24/7.


Benefit from 20+ yrs experience - Telephone interpreting since 1999


Central locations for market research


Central locations

Modern and spacious facilities throughout Germany offering competitive services with simultaneous interpreting and video streaming can be found in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, and other cities. All offer excellent catering services - some with German home cooking - and are located close to boutique and business hotels, pleasant shopping areas, and other amenities.



Due to major refurbishing works on the main rail routes, traveling by rail in Germany is not as pleasant and convenient as it used to be. However, some fast connections are still ahead in terms of getting you from city centre to city centre.



You can fly to Frankfurt (Germany's busiest airport), Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and other cities. Other population centres are within easy reach of Frankfurt, e.g. Cologne (56 mins by special Lufthansa express train), Hamburg, Munich (3 hrs 10 mins), Berlin, Dresden, and Nuremberg.

Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Leipzig airports have dedicated train stations served by Germany's fleet of ICE trains. 

Further details can be found on the German Railways international site.

Domestic flights are not normally worth the cost and time involved.

Although Munich offers an extensive schedule of onward flights to Italy, please bear in mind that the airport is some 45 minutes from the city centre by local train (or 35-45 minutes by taxi). 



Although rail travel within Germany used to be easy and convenient, the system is cracking under the strain of increasing passenger numbers, a lack of investment in infrastructure, and a shortage of train drivers. High-speed train services with restaurant services, power sockets at your seat, and on-board wifi still, however, connect all major cities and airports within a few hours. They provide a convenient way to cover several locations during your visit, enabling you to either enjoy the scenery or catch up on some work.


ICE Sprinter non-stop trains directly connect Berlin and Frankfurt (3 hrs 36 mins), Hamburg and Cologne (3 hrs 29 mins), and Hamburg and Frankfurt (3 hrs 21 mins). The hourly Berlin to Munich ICE service takes just four hours.


For enquiries or to make a booking, including booking a table in the restaurant car or a compartment for meetings, use the German Railways' online reservation service where you can print out your ticket before you travel. To check connections online or view real-time information on train departures, go to Deutsche Bahn.